About Us

About Us

We eat complexity.

Customer Centricity

Rapid Experimentation

Proven Solutions

Why Northern Computing?

Who We are & What We Do

We are a software development agency located in Southern Arizona dedicated to our customers and developers. We solve difficult problems by creating elegant, intuitive and innovative solutions for our clients’ complex computational needs. From start-ups to established businesses, from non-profits to government we are guided by these three principles, systematic methods, rapid experimentation and customer centricity. Our goal is to add tremendous value and cost saving to our clients’ endeavors through innovative computation and leadership. 

Why We Do It

We believe that computers and computation enable communities to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. From cave drawings to lines of code we as humans are capable of so much. Computers allow us to innovate, create and focus on what’s truly important by automating the mundane and freeing us from the tedious routines. So let’s create a more meaningful and creative world together.